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Frequently Asked Questions
1.Whats the guarrantee for Hosung WPC decking?
For the hollow WPC decking,we have 10 years warranty and for the solid decking we have 15 years warranty.Provided it has
been installed following our installation guidelines.
2.What Are The Main Advantages Of WPC products?
The main advantages of WPC products are as follows:
1)Looks and feels like natural wood
2)Durable,anti-impact,water-proof,with high density.
3)High capacity of UV-resistance and color stability
4)High resistant to moisture,anti-corrosive and anti-termites
5)Easy installation and low labor cost
6)Required no painting,no glue,low maintance
7)100% recycled,environmental friendly,saving forest resources.
8)Barefoot friendly,anti-slip,no cracking
9)Weather resistant,suitable from -40C to 60C.
3.Will color fade because of exposure to the sun?
We add the Anti-UV agent to our decking materials to reduce color fading due to extensive sun exposure. A slight 
change in color will occur but will retain this lighter shade through out the life of the product.
4.How to I install the WPC decking?
Please refer to our installation guidelines here.
5.How many colors do you have?
All our WPC products are avaiable in 7 colors.Dark Gray,Chocolate,Walnut,Coffee,Red Wood,Red Brown,Teak.If
customers have some special requirements for colors,we can match the color but the additional fees should be
beared by the buyers.
6.Whats your standrad length?
Our standrad length are 2.2m,2.9m,3.6m,5.8m.
7.Whats the loading capacity for a 20ft container?
It depends on the length and the decking type you choose.If your decking length is based on our standrad length,the loading capacity for decking is between 500m2 to 1250m2.(The container can load more hollow decking )
8.Whats the lead time for a 20ft container?
For Normal WPC products,our lead time is 15 days for 20ft container.Regarding Feeling Wood,the lead time is 22 days
for a 20ft container.
9.Why joist is necessary for installation?
When we install the decking, firstly the joists should be fixed in the ground surface with the T-clip and then we put
the decking board on the joists. You know the wpc decking board can't be put on the ground surface directly.
For one thing, it can affect of the planeness of the flooring surface after installation. For the other thing, 
It is not good to control the drainage of the bottom, because the wpc decking board is mainly used for outdoor,it rains a lot. So joists must be used to hold the decking board when installed.
10.How to cover "Hollow”ends?
With WPC products that have hollow sections,we use 55mm*55mm WPC end cover to cover it.It is good enough to avoid potential water /moisture penetration as well as spiders and cockroaches.
11.What type of tools are required in the installation?
WPC decking can be easiliy installed with standard woodworking tools,including impact drill and hammer.
12.How to clean the WPC decking?
Cleaning is easy,simply use soap,hot water and a soft bristle brush.Its recommend to immediately clean after installation and in spring and fall to remove any debris.
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Hosung WPC(Wood Plastic Composite) is mixed with wood powder,straw and recycled plastic in high temperature and pressure with some essential activators,shaping by extrusion molding.The product is environmental and widely used in landscape, construction,interior and exterior decorations,packing and transporation.
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