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Feeling Wood Cladding

Wall Cladding Dragon Series FW156W21 Black

  • Item No.: FW156W21
  • Type: Feeling Wood Wall Cladding
  • Size: 156x21mm(WxT) Length:2.2m,2.9m,5.8m

Quick details:

Type: Feeling Wood WPC cladding                       Brand Name: Hosung

Model Number: FW156W21D                              Dimensions: 156mmx21mm (WidthxThickness)    Length:Various

Technics: Wood Plastic Composite                      Colors: Teak,Mocha,Chocolate,Red Brown,Silver Grey,Black

Surface Treatment: Sanding+3D embossings   Applications: Building Covering

The Introduction of Feeling Wood WPC:

Feeling wood is a series of deep embossed WPC product which developed by Hosung WPC Company.It has the na-

tural and beautiful textures.Wherever you are in home garden,park,river bank or under the pergola,you can always fe-

el the exquisite and reality.At the same time,we make every effort to the selecting of raw material and adjustment of

recipe to make sure Feeling Wood has more reliable inner quality.Make Feeling Wood inside equals outside is alw-

ays the pursuit of ours.Haoxuan people hope to bring a better user experience for each customer by our innovation

and make a contribution to a quality life.

Now Hosung WPC Company Feeling Wood has 4 series.

A-Ancient Wood series

The Ancient Wood series of Feeling Wood brings us an old breath whne you first see it.The embossing is real and

when you put your hand on the surface,you will have an special experience just like touching a piece of ancient wood

so we call it Ancient Wood series.

B-Banyan series

 The Banyan series of Feeling Wood looks very different,the shape of pattern is just like banyan,which seems full of

wisdom,so we call it Banyan series.

C-Cloud series

The Cloud series of Feeling Wood is like many clouds getting together,the mysterious patterns make us full of imaginations.

D-Dragon series

The Dragon series of Feeling Wood has clear textures and the lines on the decking is like the Dragon beard,so we call it

Dragon series. 

Mass Production Pictures

Packing and Loading Pictures

Hosung WPC Company use Brown paper+PE Films+Packing Belt+Wood Pallet


Main Feature of the Hosung WPC 

1. Looks and feels like natural wood

2. Durable, anti-impact, water- proof, with high density

3. High capacity of UV-resistance and color stability

4. High resistant to moisture anti-corrosive and anti-termites

5. Easy installation and low labor cost

6. Required no painting, no glue, low maintenance

7. 100% recycled, environmental friendly, saving forest resources

8. Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking

9. Weather resistant, suitable from-40°C to 60°C


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Hosung WPC(Wood Plastic Composite) is mixed with wood powder,straw and recycled plastic in high temperature and pressure with some essential activators,shaping by extrusion molding.The product is environmental and widely used in landscape, construction,interior and exterior decorations,packing and transporation.
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